Yanira Castro

online prompts / composition

Prompts for Play & Lightness is a class/meditation that makes space for our imaginations. I have been writing/creating performance scores for over 20 years as a way of seeing what happens, activating what I don't know. A performance score can be a set of instructions, an image, a single word, an object, anything. I hope to provide a window for you to be in your own imagining and provide a prompt for your own score(s). It will be simple because more than that is unnecessary.

Artist Biography

Yanira Castro is a Puerto Rican interdisciplinary artist living in NYC. Since 2009, she has made performances, videos, and installations with a team of collaborators under the moniker, a canary torsi. a canary torsi's practice has involved creating systems, scores, and software programs that ensure that elements of performance (choreography, text, music, environment) unfold in real time in response to the presence/participation of the audience, often building the work as a communal act. The work has been presented extensively in NYC and has toured nationally. Castro has received a Bessie Award for Outstanding Production and a NYFA Choreography Fellowship as well as various commissions, residencies and project grant awards. Castro received her B.A. in Theater & Dance and Literature from Amherst College.