Joshua Elbaum

mondays 5pm & wednesdays 11am EDT / feldenkrais

In times of stress or dramatic change, it is normal for our nervous systems to become unbalanced. In this class, we will use gentle movement to reorient our systems towards rest, recovery, and new growth. This class may be helpful for anyone experiencing muscle pain, tightness, difficulty sleeping, minor depression, or anxiety. There will be tools to take with you and practice to experience the effects of the lesson at any time.

Artist Biography

Josh is a writer, musician, educator, and certified Awareness Through Movement instructor. They are currently in their last year of the Boston Feldenkrais training and teach a weekly class on Wednesdays through @middaymovementseries. Josh believes that the project of the empire is to dull the senses, and the project of the poet is to wake them up.

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