Jennifer Kayle

online prompts / composition & improvisation

Artist Biography

Jennifer Kayle is Associate Professor and Co-Director of the MFA Program at the University of Iowa, holding a BA from Middlebury College, and MFA from Smith College. Her choreography is deeply informed by improvisational research, and by collaborative process as a form of collective knowledge production. Improvisation is at the root of Jennifer's artistic practice. She traces her dance improvisation heritage to Judith Dunn/Bill Dixon who developed a unique improvisology for dancers and musicians at Bennington College. Together with The Architects, she is founder of MICI: Movement Intensive in Compositional Improvisation, a professional laboratory dedicated to performance improvisation, and to expanding the range of compositional possibilities. Recent interdisciplinary research examines ensemble improvisation through the lens of "collective action." In collaboration with philosopher and Associate Professor, Dr. Ali Hasan, Kayle's work bridges theory and practice through scholarly presentation and studio curricula in "Ensemble Improvisation as Collective Action."