Gabriel Christian

TBA / doom bodying

doom_bodying is a class in improvisation and adaptation, asking our bodies to be in direct metabolism of our poetics - perhaps even doom poetics - into movement. Starting with a simple warm-up, stretch and brief free-writing exercise, I will then lead us through a spontaneous & habit-rupturing durational improvisation based around phrases offered by all attendees. This class sits comfortably between freestyle, ekphrasis, and meditation.

Artist Biography

Gabriel Christian (they/them) is an American artist bred in New York City (Wappinger Lenape land) & baking in Oakland (Chochenyo Ohlone land). For more than ten years, their work has metabolized the vernaculars within BlaQ diaspora—futurity, afrovivalism, faggotry—through high dramatics, structured improvisation, poetics & collaborative practices.

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