Emily Climer & Marie Lynn Haas

online audio scores / compositional improvisation

Artist Biography

Emily Climer and Marie Lynn Haas have been developing a shared improvisational movement practice for over a decade. As students at Bennington College, they studied Emergent Improvisation with Susan Sgorbati. In collaboration with Sgorbati they co-authored the chapbook, Emergent Improvisation: on the nature of spontaneous composition where dance meets science and participated in the making of Emergent Forms, a film by Elliot Caplan through Picture Start Films. Climer and Haas also collaborated on the development of an improvisational duet form, The Recall Form, which they have performed at the Vision Festival (NYC), the Schools Festival at the Centre Nationale de Danse Contemporaine (Angers, France), the Dance and Neuroscience Conference (NYU), and as part of Sgorbati’s Creative Research Residency at EMPAC (Troy, NY). Currently, the two are building an online platform for interdisciplinary improvisation research. In addition to their collaborations, both Climer and Haas are professionals in the education field. Climer writes and edits materials for emerging readers at Great Minds, while Haas is the founding director of Embrace Autism Singapore and the international projects coordinator for the Autism Treatment Center of America®.