Deborah Black

TBA / six viewpoints

In this class we will start by tuning into our bodies in the present tense, listening to our nervous systems. Then we will move into a Six Viewpoints improvisation working with space, time, movement, and shape. The class is designed to be grounding, creatively inspiring, and intellectually stimulating.
All levels of experience welcome.
Originated by dancer/choreographer, Mary Overlie, The Six Viewpoints deconstruct the materials used in performance: space, time, shape, emotion, story, and movement, opening up their infinite possibilities.

Artist Biography

Deborah Black is a dancer, theatre maker, writer, and teacher. She has performed in the work of Deborah Hay, Mary Overlie, Susan Rethorst, and Ann Hamilton. While living in Rotterdam (NL) from 2013-16, she created and toured with the Tuning People (BE) and Ymist Company (NO). She is currently researching the space between the body and language with poet Alyson Hallett (UK) and while writing her first book.

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