by Jungwoong Kim

The Wave-length score includes an audio component, in which you will be led into movement by Jungwoong Kim:

1. Download the audio track for Wave-length (you can click the yellow audio button link, above, to download all audio tracks for this website) to your phone or listening device. It is best to download the track onto your device first and then play it.

2. For this movement improvisation, you will need to use comfortable earphones. I invite you to go outside with this audio session. You can pause it whenever you need.

Wave-length score (text version) :


For the first score, walk without stepping on any line you see, like lines on the boardwalk, lines on the shadows, branch sticks on the ground, lost objects lines. Jump, run, walk, detour from the lines. Avoid them sideways, backwards, forwards.

When you get used to it, find some rhythm in your journey. 5 min.

Slow down, find a place to be still.


For the second score, from where you are see what catches your attention. Look around. It can be an animal, an insect, a tree. It can be a person, or an object. It can be small or big. Whatever you choose, it will be your partner.

  • When you are ready, follow its movement, move together until it stops.

  • Be in this stillness together. What happens in this stillness?

  • Be again with its movement and follow its stillness…

  • Stay with this partner for the next 7 minutes.

  • Give yourself to the object, it will tell you who you are. It’s like a mirror.

In the next minute find a way to get as close as possible to your partner.

Be still together, do you feel connected?

Thank your partner, take a walk, thank yourself for your focus.

Try your own way next time…

Prompt for Response:

Take a photo of your partner and share it below. You can share written/drawn reflections from this exercise as well.