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Walking Tracking

by Tori Lawrence

What if a group of individuals went on a walk together in separate environments and differing timespans... could that define an ensemble?

All of the separate parts come together to map and survey, simultaneously acknowledging and subverting the measured world.

Heightening what is traced as it is experienced in the moment, the bodies thickly describe.

Rediscovering the ordinary, commonplace, unremarkable.

They begin to frame found montages.

What do we pay attention to?

Can the edges of form be temporarily erased so that we can breathe with our surroundings?

As we walk and survey together, can this create harmony?

The Walking Tracking score includes an audio component, in which you will be guided by Tori Lawrence:
  1. Download the audio track for Walking Tracking (you can click the yellow audio button link, above, to download all audio tracks for this website) to your phone. It's recommended to use headphones when listening to this score. It is best to download the track onto your device first and then play it.

  2. Find a place where you can go on a long walk and play the audio track for this score. Feel free to pause the recording at any time if it is moving too fast for you. [The duration of the score is around 45 minutes long.]

Prompt for Response:
  1. Another day this week, go on a second long walk. Using your phone and a voice recorder app (you can also use video to record the walk), record your own Walking Tracking score (10-15 minutes). As you record your walk, thickly describe what you see. Can you describe the compositions that you come across during your walk? Can you talk about light, texture, framing? Can you put yourself into context of where you are? Can you measure what you see for us? What are you sensing and tuning into? How are you moving? Did you do any crossings? Can you talk about your crossings? You can talk about your movement experience and/or can give us instructions to lead us into movement as well. Upload your walk onto Google Drive and share a link to the file, below. Be sure the sharing settings allow anyone with a link to access and download the file.

  2. Optional: download someone else's Walking Tracking score. Go for a walk with their audio. Take a photo of where you took a walk and share it, below.

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