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Anatomical Scanning

by Pamela Vail

Pamela Vail reads from Irene Dowd's "Taking Root to Fly." Dowd's script is a guide into relaxation, specifically of facial muscles, which in turn facilitates the concentration required to proceed (p. 7). How you wish to proceed after the reading is complete is up to you -- you can visualize a movement, or work with imagery that you have invented.

The Anatomical Scanning exercise includes an audio component, in which you will be led by Pamela Vail:

1. Download the audio track for Anatomical Scanning (you can click the yellow audio button link, above, to download all audio tracks for this website) to your phone or listening device. You can use headphones or run the audio through a speaker. It is best to download the track onto your device first and then play it.

2. Find a place where you feel comfortable lying down and play the audio track. [The duration of this script is around 8 minutes long.]

Prompt for Response:

Taking a moment to scan back over this meditation, how has the relaxation of your head and neck influenced the rest of your body? Were you able to clear your head of distraction? What imagery did you create for yourself throughout the meditation? Taking a few minutes, free-write in your journal about your experience. Free-writing is stream-of-consciousness writing (writing/sketching your thoughts onto the page as they arrive in your mind).

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