written by Yanira Castro

#promptsforplayandlightness is a class/meditation for score-writing developed for sheltering-in-place conditions during the Covid-19 pandemic for @freeskewl. This zoom class was created to make space for our imaginations within the spaces we are confined. I wanted to welcome operating in the unknown and scores are a way of attending to what happens. The prompts below are for you to create your own score(s). They are simple because more than that is unnecessary.

Yanira Castro (photo credit Simon Courchel)

There were 4 freeskewl classes, each concentrating on a type of score: Scores as Poetry; Scores as Instruction; Scores as Game; Scores as Map.

Ready Yourself

Inhabit a room. Have paper and pen ready with you. Take 10 min to observe your surroundings. Just let your attention float. Then take 20 minutes to respond to any of these prompts.

Prompt 1:

What is right in front of you?

What action does it embody?

Describe this action.

Prompt 2:

Look at the architecture of your room.

Focus on an aspect of it--a corner, the perimeter, a window.

What action(s) does it call out?

Write a set of instructions for this action(s).

Prompt 3:

Look around your space.

What is moving?

How can that movement, trigger you?

How simple or complicated can you make this cause & effect?

Write a set of rules for yourself.

Prompt 4:

Locate a series of points in your room.

Think dimensionally.

Organize these locations as a drawing.

Be attentive to the detail between locations and the location themselves.

Are there connectors?


Prompt for Response:

1. Share your score(s) in the comments, below. You can type the score or take a photo of it and upload it (especially if it includes drawings/sketches).

2. Record yourself enacting a score. Select one minute of the recording and upload the video to Youtube, Facebook, or Vimeo... insert the video link in the comments, below, by clicking on the plus symbol and choosing the video icon (you'll then be prompted to enter the URL to your video... make sure it isn't password protected or private).

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