by Rebecca Bryant

Inspired by Jennifer Monson and collaborators, riffing off “2//Orientation Score” from their book a FIELD GUIDE to iLANDing. Please note that in the beginning of this recording I say that we are doing the Orientation Score by these collaborators, but as I was reading parts of it out loud, I changed a lot of it... adapting it to be done alone (with headphones on) and offering a lot more language and suggestion than their more open-ended score...

1. First thing to do is to download the Orientation Score audio track (you can click the yellow audio button link, above, to download all audio tracks for this website) to your phone (or some kind of listening device you can have on you while you move). You will also need a pair of headphones. Figure out a way to have your phone securely in a pocket with your headphones connected that leaves you free to dance. It is best to download the track onto your device first and then play it.

2. Next, go outside. Remember to follow the rules of social distancing, and find a spot that has space to move and no people close to you. I went to the bluffs and beach area of Long Beach and there was plenty of room, even though other people were out there exercising. Wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. If it is cold where you are, please dress to be warm. If you're in a warmer/sunnier climate, remember to wear sunblock as you will be working for a little over 30 minutes.

3. Find a place you like, get your phone and headphones secure and then play the audio track; this track will ask you to stand for a little and then shift a little and then dance. At a certain point, I stop talking so that you can let your dance follow where it wants to go – you’ll know I’m still there because you’ll hear the waves. Pause the recording whenever you want if it’s moving along too fast for you, or if you want to keep going when I ask you to wind your dance down. You will come to standing at the end of the track and take time to harvest some memories of your experience.

Prompt for Response:
  1. After completing the audio track and your dance, take out your phone and video record yourself doing a SECOND dance in the space for about 4 minutes. This dance can be replaying any of your harvested moments or sensations, or it could be an entirely new take on dancing in the place you’ve chosen... it’s up to you! Upload the video to Youtube, Facebook, or Vimeo... insert the video link in the comments, below, by clicking on the plus symbol and choosing the video icon (you'll then be prompted to enter the URL to your video... make sure it isn't password protected or private if you want others to see your video).

  2. When you are back home with some paper and writing/drawing implements, please spend at least 10 minutes notating some of what you harvested. This can be sentence fragments and/or drawings... it does not need to be whole sentences or make “sense”. Take photos of your harvest documents and upload them to the comments, below.