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Recall, Reincarnation

written by Emily Climer & Marie Lynn Haas

This score is adapted from our duet practice, The Recall Form. The original version of the form was developed as part of our collaborative research in Emergent Improvisation with Susan Sgorbati. Read through our initial writing about the form by visiting The Emergent Improvisation website: The Recall Form.

Then, try this digital version for a long-distance duet.
  1. Set up a time to video conference with a partner using Skype, Zoom, or your preferred app.

  2. Set up your camera so that you can see one another. Choose who will begin your movement exchange.

  3. Begin the exchange by creating one to two small movements or gestures for your partner to observe. Be creative and experiment with what’s possible depending on your space.

  4. Next, the observer takes a turn. Recall the movements your partner created. Notice what you remember: the quality, shape, or timing. Immediately after, add one to two new movements of your own.

  5. Without stopping to discuss, switch roles and repeat these steps one more time so that you have accumulated a small phrase.

  6. Perform your new phrase together to wrap up the session and then end your conference call.

Now that your call has ended take some time to reconnect to your space by yourself. Finally, record a 5-minute improvised composition that reflects and responds to the movement you built together. Allow your memories and experiences to shape how the composition unfolds. You can begin by recalling the phrase, or you can follow a spontaneous unfolding opinion, image, or new idea in response to the phrase.

Prompt for Response:
  1. Upload your 5-minute compositions to a shared folder so that you can download and view them side by side. Watch your partner's video. You might even experiment with playing them simultaneously.

  2. After you’ve had time to view your partner's video, write a reflection on the process and experience. What was it like to collaboratively generate movement over a digital platform? What did you see in your partner's recorded composition that was similar to or different from your own? What connections do you see to the movement phrase you built together? What caught your attention or surprised you?

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