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10 Ways

by Sara Shelton Mann

If you are able to work with a partner, this score works best to have a tutor or director shout out your 10 ways from different directions and close up so that you ask the worlds to move through you.

10 Ways

1. Write the question: "10 ways to: fill in the blank."

(examples: 10 ways to to give your heart weight; 10 ways to give your arm weight; 10 ways to give you my garbage; 10 ways to build a home; 10 ways to plant a tree)

2. Write down 10 ways to answer the first question. (Not 10 questions)

The answers must be both practical, magical, impossible and you must care about them. Make it personal.

3. Stand in the middle of your world... in a circle with future, past, present, songs, fears, loves, tunnels, trees, houses, lakes and mountains near and far available to you in your imagination.

4. Have a partner (or yourself) shout out the title and then the 1st way. Feel the question coming toward you in shape, sound, and color... respond improvisationally. Rhythm and intuition are important here.

5. Repeat this until you have gone through the 10 ways at least 3 times and can do it without your partner (or yourself) calling out the ways. By now you will have edited and deleted what you don’t resonate with and kept what you love.

You can do this with props, with movement or anything that you naturally are drawn to.

It is quite interesting as you can place your short responses in different places in space and not worry about development or linearity. You have freedom to create them as small poems or drawings without needing to make a coherent piece. In fact, do not connect it into a piece. You want to have space to become empty and feel the origin of movement, image, sound.

Enjoy creation at an instantaneous level of collaboration with your past, future and present self. You are the fool, the genius, and the creator in time as it shifts.

Prompt for Response:

Write your 10 Ways in the comments, below. Accompany the 10 Ways with a short video of you performing some or all of the ways (less than 5 minutes).

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