Welcome to movement crossings: an online archive of audio/visual movement scores and live classes. Open to students, educators, and dance professionals, this interactive site serves as a community discussion board to share/discuss ideas about having a shared movement practice. The content within this site has been generated and compiled by a group of educators and professional dance artists.

Instructions on how to use the site:


Creating a Member Profile

In order to comment, like, or upload to the CROSSINGS blog posts, you must create a member profile on this website. To sign up, go to the upper right corner of the site and click "Log In." From there, a pop-up window will appear prompting you to add in your email/password. Be sure to click on "Sign Up" if you're a first time user... from there you can sign in using your Facebook or email address. You can change your notification settings, email address, name, and other settings within your member profile by scrolling through the settings on the menu to the left. Within the profile, you can upload a photo and/or post a biography.

Writing Responses + Uploading Photos/Video

To respond to any of the CROSSINGS, upload photos, share videos, or write text, you can go to the bottom of the post and click on the area that says "Write a Comment." To type, simply begin typing into the field. To upload a photo or video, you should click in the field first and a symbol to the left will appear (plus sign within a circle)... click the plus sign and it will prompt you to upload either a photo or video. When you've finished the upload and your text, hit "Publish" and your post will be submitted. You can keep track of your published posts on your member profile.


Enjoy using the forum. If you have questions, use the contact form (below).

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